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Ethereal Brew Brush Cleaner

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Ethereal Brew Brush Cleaner - Sun & Co.

Make washing your makeup or artistry brushes an ease with Brewed Brush Cleaner's Ethereal Brew brush cleaner. Vegan formulated for those with sensitive skin. This cleaner contains no fragrances or dyes. Formulated with vitamin E oil to hydrate your brushes bristles, and aloe vera oil to extend the lifetime of your brushes.

How to use:
- Pour out the solution into a small bowl. Don't pour too much, a little goes a long way.
- Wet your brush (makeup or artistry brush) under lukewarm running water.
- Tap your brush into the solution in the bowl.
- Rub the solution into the bristles of your brush using your hand or a cleaning pad.
Pro tip: wash until it makes suds!
- Once your brush is clean, rinse the solution out of your brush under running water.
Pro tip: this step is important- take your time making sure the solution is out of your brush.
-Let dry in a cool, dry place for 2+ hours.
Pro tip: shaking your brushes/rubbing them with a towel to get rid of any excess water cuts down your drying time tremendously!
-Enjoy your brand new feeling brushes!

Ingredients: water, castile soap, aloe vera oil, vitamin E oil, antibacterial additive, essential oils. Do Not Ingest. Do not get the solution in your eyes or mouth. We are not responsible for any accidents that occur due to not following the instructions listed above. 

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