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How to

How to use our brush cleaners:
- Put a small amount of solution into a bowl for easy makeup brush access.
- Take any desired makeup brush and dab the bristles into the solution.
- Use a cleaning pad (recommended) or the palm of your hand to work the solution into the bristles of the makeup brush
- Work into a lather.
- Once the bristles have reached desired cleanness, wash the solution out of the bristles with cold water.
- Take your time getting the brush cleanser out of your makeup brushes bristles, this step is very important! 
- Once all the brush cleaner is out of the bristles, lay the makeup brush on a towel/rag to dry.
- Please allow 10-20 hours (depending on brush type) to dry.
- Once dry, enjoy using your clean, great smelling, and brand-new looking brushes!
- Dip wet sponge into solution
- Switch between rubbing and squeezing your sponge, working the brush cleanser into the sponge.
- Rinse with hot water. (The hotter the better, but know your limit. DO NOT burn yourself!)
- Make sure all of the solution is out of the sponge! This step is very important.
- Let dry for 5-6 hours in a dry environment.